The world is rapidly changing, and urbanization is a big part of that change. 

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June 30, 2020

Are you keen to be productive, and yet at the end of the day don't have as much to show for your ambition? You can only do so much to change your life with pure willpower, so let your environment do the rest for you.

There is one dimension of personality that is the mos...

November 21, 2018

In Transylvanian villages and towns in present-day Romania, there is an effort to revive the guilds that once made this region a notable economic and political powerhouse at the edges of Central Europe. As with many economic successes, it all started with massive migra...

July 18, 2018

In Esta es una plaza (“This is a public space”), you can hear sounds of children playing, laughing adults, and saws cutting the wood for the next pavilion. The space serves residents of Lavapiés, a relatively low-income neighborhood with the highest density of immigran...

July 11, 2018

The Manzanares River that runs through Madrid is small and even dried up for some of the year. When it was converted into a highway in the 1970s, the decisionmakers thought it a much better use of space. They would never understand their mistake until 30 years later wh...

July 8, 2018

In Lavapiés, the most diverse neighborhood in central Madrid, street art tells the story of the local struggle for migrant rights. 

This street art is a call to action. It translates to, 

“Struggling for the Visa” 

It continues, “In memory of Mame Mbaye and our brothers a...

June 29, 2018

While the New World boasts the retrofitted railroad spur in New York City as the High Line, the Old World has its own elevated linear park – and its made out of a 500-year-old a defensive wall.

A defensive wall does not have much use anymore. In Lucca, a city where peop...

May 12, 2018

Many developed countries are balancing their population pyramid on a small foundation of young children and adults, with the sheer number of older adults threatening to topple over the whole thing. It is true that older adults (i.e., typically adults over 60 years old)...

May 12, 2018

What would you do if the reverberating sound of construction was your alarm clock well before your real one went off? And the same sound was the last thing you heard before you went to sleep? You might call your city’s code enforcement and expect that the policies in p...

May 7, 2018

The weaponization of construction is the use of illegal construction to harass tenants out of their homes and deregulate  housing units out of existence. It is not known how widespread this tactic is, but we do know that Jared Kushner’s development companies were using...

March 25, 2018

Walking around Opa-locka, it might start to feel like you've wandered into a theme park that has been neglected some maintenance. While the Miami area may be known for its Art Deco, Opa-locka has something unique for not only Miami but the world at large. Developed in...

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