The world is rapidly changing, and urbanization is a big part of that change. 

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March 17, 2018

How do we ensure people can continue to live in the communities they love and cherish? In Southwest Florida, one community’s answer is to celebrate its history and tell its story. Residents in the City of Sarasota's historically African American neighborhood,...

March 17, 2018

Most Baby Boomers do not seem likely to move. For as long as it is feasible, a 2009 AARP telephone survey of 1,600 adults 45 and over found that 73 percent strongly agreed they want to stay in their current residence and 67 percent strongly agreed they want to stay in...

March 16, 2018

Presently, Baby Boomers show preferences that may help shape the supply of homes in the US. According to a 2014 national survey by the Demand Institute:

  • Of the 37% that have plans to move, 54% will downsize and the other 46% will upsize from the size of the house th...

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